Premier Automation Contractors

Premier Automation Contractors

Providing skilled contractors (from one to a hundred or more) from a wide array of specialties, on projects small and large. Premier is proud to be a preferred skilled-trades contracting partner for capital equipment manufacturers large and small, across North America. Drawing from a large, diverse, and technologically current talent base, PAC can assemble and coordinate skilled-trades personnel, such as: Professional Engineers, Office & Clerical, Electrical, Information Technology, and Design professionals, as well as reliable and vetted General Labor.

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Premier can assemble and coordinate closely matched skilled-trades for a wide variety of new equipment or rebuild projects with expertise including but not limited to: Mechanical assembly and installation, field repair and service of automated systems; installation, assembly and repair/service for hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, and coolant systems; licensed Electricians and skilled electrical teams; PLC programmers; Welding and fabrication; Machinists; Technical Field Service; and CNC processing... Read More


Expert in all facets of automation and field proven in widely diverse industries, Premier is your one-stop resource for well-matched, and seamlessly managed contract engineering support. From robotics, electrical, and mechanical, to controls, testing and applications engineering, using our services allows you to cut time and costs, add quality, and increase productivity.

Office & Clerical

Premier is your resource for a variety of Office/Clerical professionals. From Administrative Assistance, to Accountants and HR teams, we have the right people to work side-by-side with you to manage your work floor, office, books, or projects... Read More


Premier Automation Contractors is the only resource for your mechanical integration needs. For both competitive rates and superior professionalism and workmanship, we are North America's first choice. We have access to a wide range of electrical and pipe professionals who will be a great fit for your needs.


Premier has Computer Aided Design specialists with experience, and can find the right designer or engineer for your needs. For single projects, all the way to permanent placements, we can find the perfect experienced and reliable candidate for your company.

Quotes: Electrical and Pipe

For both competitive estimates/bidding and superior machine builder workmanship, we are North America's first choice... Read More

General Labor

Premier is here to help your organization work smoothly and at peak efficiency. We understand your engineering services needs are constantly changing, and we're here with the very best talent when you need it for as long as you need it. Our general labor pool includes able and experienced managers, shipping and receiving personnel, and wide variety of other general labor talent... Read More

Information Technology

Software Engineers, System Administrators, Programmers and CAD Technicians, Premier has the best IT personnel in the business. From small projects porting older systems from Fortran to C, or to large long term projects installing GUIs for new workstations, to permanent placements for System Administrators, we have the experienced and reliable IT professionals your company needs... Read More

For both competitive estimates/bidding, and superior workmanship and care, Premier Automation Contracting is North America's first choice for moving a machine, line, or plant. We also provide expert plant decommissioning services when needed... Read More